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Designed with a strong polyester film backing and sharp diamond mineral, the 3M™ Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll 675L delivers fine finishes on hard metals like thermal spray coating, ceramics, carbides, chilled iron and granite.


3M™ Condensation Management Film (CMFi) manages intermittent condensation formed during the hot cleaning process in cooled food processing facilities. Channels in the film surface wick water via capillary action, which also increases the evaporation rate. These features lessen the risk of falling drops contaminating food in open environments and reduce labor associated with managing condensation.


Our 3M™ Microfinishing Film Roll 362L quickly cuts, shapes and polishes, delivering close-tolerance finishes for precision tooling and machining applications. Available in 9-100 micron grades, aluminum oxide is electrostatically oriented and bonded to a polyester film backing. A Type S (smooth) backsize coating provides slip resistance for microfinishing machines.


Precisely graded diamond particles coated on a polyester film. Provides a consistent, repeatable finish on extremely hard materials. Available in several grades between 0.10 and 30.0 micron.

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Tightly graded aluminum oxide minerals slurry coated onto a polyester film backing.